希腊的大学 圣十字 has cross-registration agreements with 波士顿学院, 瑞吉斯学院, College Year in Athens, and all fellow member institutions of the Boston Theological Interreligious Consortium. Similar partnerships with other schools are currently under discussion. To 了解更多 about these partnerships and the benefits offered to HCHC students, please contact the Office of the Registrar.




希腊的大学 has a partnership with 瑞吉斯学院, a leading Roman Catholic University just outside Boston. 希腊的大学 students who minor in Education are granted a preferential admissions process for the Masters in Special Education.


Qualified students are eligible for

  • Waived application fee
  • Waived GRE or MAT requirements
  • Preferred admission
  • Option to complete the Masters in one calendar year


Suffolk University Partnership

Through this partnership, Hellenic students may be able to apply up to 15 credits from their Hellenic undergraduate 度 toward these accelerated master’s 度. This could mean earning a master’s degree in half the time it would usually take, thus saving each student a semester or potentially a year of tuition. 另外, the partnership allows Hellenic students to acquire the foundational business and Orthodox leadership skills taught by our scholar-practitioners before moving into topnotch master’s programs to fine-tune specific skills such as accounting, 金融, business analytics, 市场营销, 和更多的.